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Send Your Gasoline Bill to Congress!


Send Your Gasoline Bill To Congress!

I'm sending my maddening gasoline bill to Washington and inviting you to do the same.
Elected representatives don't pull into the corner gas station and pay from their own pockets. They need to know what it's doing to you.

I had my own harsh moment this week at the gas station, pumping $4.60 gasoline: My 50 mpg Prius now costs more to run than my old 15 mpg sedan did in 2002, when gasoline sold around here for as little as $1.13 a gallon. My salary sure hasn't kept up.

Click on the Send Your Free Message button below to tell the president, your Senator and your Representative in Congress what gasoline is costing you and what it's doing to your budget.
Just fill in the short form (cost of your last fill-up, where you bought it and what gasoline is costing you each month) and send it. Then forward this message to your friends.

Gasoline prices are hitting record highs every day ($4.075 nationally today, and $4.607 in California, per AAA)
Oil company profits are out of sight, as you can tell from looking at our "Oil Profits Monster" database.
Yet Congress hasn't even acted to regulate out-of-control oil trading markets.
Or to put oversight on refineries that restrict their gasoline and diesel production to keep the retail price high.

Thanks so much for helping us get the message to Congress: If they don’t feel their own pain at the pump, we have to tell them about ours.


Judy Dugan
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