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Ask Sandra Day O'Connor to stay on the Supreme Court

Ask Sandra Day O'Connor to stay on the Supreme Court

On July 1, 2005, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced that she had decided to retire from the Supreme Court "effective upon the nomination and confirmation of my successor."

Given the current turmoil in the Bush administration, their flagrant pandering to the extreme conservative wing in withdrawing the Miers nomination, and the current low level of confidence in our government, we need stability on the Supreme Court now more than ever.

Action Needed:

Send a letter[8] to Sandra Day O'Connor urging her to postpone her retirement and stay on the Court. NOW will hand deliver every letter to the Supreme Court.


The Bush administration is in turmoil, and confidence in the government is at an all-time low. Top GOP legislators and presidential advisors are being investigated (and indicted) for criminal activities. Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina displayed gross incompetence and revealed the poverty and racial disparities that pervade the lives of so many -- yet even now he is cutting the safety net for Katrina survivors in order to pay for more tax cuts for his rich cronies. Many people are concerned about the U.S. economy and the expensive and unnecessary war in Iraq.

Cumulatively, this has led to Bush's lowest approval rating since he took office. There is very little confidence in the Bush administration's ability to run the country effectively and honestly. And this extends to Bush's political appointments.

The Supreme Court is no exception.

The Supreme Court plays a critical role in upholding our fundamental civil rights and civil liberties. Despite the muscle-flexing of Bush's extremist base, we must ensure that the Court is not stacked according to their demands, in order to further a narrow, ideological agenda.

Sandra Day O'Connor has been the crucial swing vote on countless key cases and she has proven to be a moderate voice and vote on the Supreme Court, beholden to nothing and to no one except the law. Bush has proven in a variety of ways that he cannot be trusted to replace her with someone who will carry on her tradition of truly judicious decisions.

During these troubled times, we need more and not less stability. Sandra Day O'Connor has been a constant for 24 years and we need her steady hand on the Supreme Court.

Join our letter[9] to Sandra Day O'Connor, urging her to forego retirement for a while longer, for the good of the country. We will personally deliver every letter to the Court, and she will know that we need her now more than ever.

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